Monday, April 18, 2011

craigslist finds

When you click on your blog reader, it should have a warning sign.  
The sign should read thusly...

"Caution, reading these blogs may give your pocket book a run for the money, and may even cause you to not be able to sleep at night because of all the fabulous ideas you come up with.  You may additionally become known to others as a craigslist junky, flea market super hero, or an expert on paint swatches and fabrics. Happy browsing!"

Yes friends, I'm at it again.  I've found two lovely posts on craigslist that I'm totally into. One of them is an item that I actually have on my "needs" list and the other is still part of a previous wing back chair obsession. Fuel to the fire folks, fuel to the fire.

Here is exhibit number 1:

The lion head pulls alone make me LOVE it! This piece would be lovely in the dining room.
I actually like this piece as is, but also can see having it painted to include a nice glossy finish.

Exhibit 2:

Yes, an encore presentation that reaffirms my obsession with wing back chair. As I'm sure you remember, I did purchase one back in January. I have even made some plans to give it new life. But that doesn't put out the flame (if you will) I have for these chairs. I mean seriously, this is even a set.

What do you search for on craigslist? Do you have favorite items you frequent, or are you a good strong willed type that can buy the item and move on? If so, let's be friends!

Hope your week is off to a good start. Happy Browsing!

photos via craigslist memphis

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