Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Where did 2016 go?

Quite seriously? Where did 2016 go? I didn't blog for an entire year. Well more really, because my last post is from fall 2016 and now it's spring 2017.

So here's what happened over the past 16 months.

#1. We had a baby.  He's magical and was born on August 26, 2016. If you follow my instagram you know that he is already a social media presence. Yes, I'm that parent. BUT, that account is his
"21st century baby book" and has a private, select audience.  None the less, you can still see him on my feed @hilarydowward

#2. I moved back to Tennessee. But this time to the wayyyy other side.  I now live on the Atlanta side of Tennessee instead of the Dallas side of Tennessee. Yes, it's a super long state.
What are we doing here you ask? Dr. Professor Mr. Ward got a job. A job that had been occupied for approximately 40 years and hadn't been open in my lifetime and he applied and got it. So, now we live here. What am I doing here you ask? I'm a Visiting Assistant Professor and faculty sponsor of the university radio station.  (Remember, radio is kind of a "thang" I enjoy.)

#3 while writing this post I get to add two new hashtags. #sewanee and #babyHarris.

I am going to do better in typing up blog posts. I love the documentation I've made over the years. It was fun to read it today and think of all the things that have happened.

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