Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bathroom-from the beginning.

I was looking at a few photos from the bathroom process, and while looking at them I decided it wasn't so pathetic that it took that long to get that project's why...

Here is what we started with.  Bathroom similar to BM:Silver Sage, but not quite. Floor in white and black basket weave tile, shower white subway.  Thankfully done well!  Hurray. A fabulous canvas for the project...

September 2009 we decided to start this project, or well...I started it and then realized this was a little bit bigger than changing some fixtures and a bucket of paint. So the counter top went in, and with that also installed was a new sink and faucet.  This is what I consider "stage 1"....then we waited.

Then a few months later, when the electrician could come...that is AFTER they initially came to scope out where the light fixtures would go...then the mirror guys came and measured for the mirror...THEN the electric guys came back to actually install the new ports for the fixtures....this was a cumbersome project.  Coordinating the glass/electrician was a major pain.

And then things were like this for a while while the mirror was being made. This was be between the point of installed and not installed was an inconvenience.

And then one fabulous day, the mirror showed up.  Gracious, it was WAY bigger than I realized. Space has a way of fooling the eye, doesn't it.

It was at this point that the guy on the left said, "Oh rats, it doesn't fit." Okay so he didn't say rats, but his comment did help break the sadness of the mirror not fitting.

So they pulled the mirror down and all this business was all over the wall. Ewww, and P.S. it smells.

So back to their little workshop they went to make a new mirror and we were left with this set up for like a month!  Grrrrrrrrr........

Then after about 2 months of waiting...and waiting...the mirror came back, it fit the second time, and then the electrician was able to be scheduled to come back (this also took a long time to get him back over) and the lights started going up.  This also seemed to be like some kind of sci-fi surgery.  The light fixtures are brilliant, I absolutely love them.  But considering that they too (after placing the order) took their sweet time arriving I was mighty thrilled to see them out of the box and up on the wall. At this point I was a little worried because they were sort of "go-go gadget".

After the lights went in (April) then we waited for the next part, which is where my post began.

Now that the bathroom is FINISHED...I don't really know what to do with myself...Oh wait, let me check my list again!

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