Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well kids, when I rest my head tomorrow night I will have completed exactly half of this med study.
Today I went in for my blood work (since obviously tomorrow is Thanksgiving day).

This morning I sat down in a chair waiting to be weighed and directly to my left was this:

Even though I've done this a few times now, the sight of all those tubes just makes me quiver.  Today there were over 30 of them.  Speaking of 30, I have now lost 33 pounds.

A few minutes later after they'd taken all my vitals and measurements (I was quite happy with the results as well, I have lost 8 inches off my waist) it was time to lay in for several hours.  I always have to go to the potty one last time before the nurse hooks me up.

...and then I just lay there

...and watch the clock as the nurse draws every 30 minutes

Today was a good day for morning television.  Colin Firth was on Regis 
and Kelly, and I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say he's nothing to sneeze at.  
The nurses passing by sure had some whistles to throw out!

After the first draw the nurse brings be a bottle of this disgusting sugary drink to slurp up, in 5 minutes or less.  It sort of tastes like Orange Fanta...and considering the fact that I haven't had a soda drink in over a year this stuff is REALLY sugary, and SUPER icky. Thank goodness this isn't available to the public, as it states clearly on the side for RX uses only. ICK!

After I fish this bottle o' nasty, then out comes another draw...and then comes more waiting. 

And alas... a wild sigh of relief though when the tray of tubes starts to go down.

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  1. 33 !!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!! So proud of you! (and by the way, I have had that wonderful orange glucose tollerance test. ICK!)



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