Saturday, November 20, 2010

Guest Room-After

Approximately 1 month ago I started working on several rooms in our house.  As I started working on them I gave a few photos of the before (and some progress) to ensure that there would in fact be an after.
Though this room is not completely finished, I feel as though it is finished for now.  I mean, come on, when you love to decorate and design is a room every really finished?  

The green up top is the previous color with the new color below.

bedding: Anthropologie
paint: Stone Harbor by Benjamin Moore

Shades: Lowes, these are my go to window coverings.
They look great from the outside, the filter light nicely,
and when you have as many windows as we do
to cover the price for sure is right!

As you can see in the bottom left corner of the photo above, my white curtains are folded nicely until the proper curtain rods are located.  Since there is a plethora of plaster trim around the top of the room I am being very careful what rod I choose to rest less than 3 inches below.  

Also, how does the design folks feel about the bed? I'd just love to paint it a glossy white.  But then again, I want to paint everything a glossy white. This was the bed the hubbs and I purchased as we combined all of our belongings back in is near and dear to me so changing it (regardless of how much I don't think it matches) is an issue to me. What do you think?

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