Friday, November 19, 2010


Today is the end of week 12, thus next week will be week 13 and the midway point in the program.
Today was a good day for weighing in...despite the birthday celebration for the hubbs and the party we had last Friday night (lots of foods from the "no-no" list) I still managed to lose weight this week.  At least I know my body is still moving in the right direction.  And as I said it was a good day weighing in not only because I did lost some weight, but I also hit another milestone, I have lost 30 pounds. I had set this as my goal for the halfway point and am delighted to be doing it 1 week in advance.
As I like to reflect on the weeks that have come and gone, I find that the best way to do this is through a visual.

Week 1

Week 12

From my own personal perspective I can't tell that much has been shaved off by looking, but I feel it this purple sundress (which I now have to layer going to and from the hospital) and through the fact that crossing my arms and legs is WAY more comfortable than it was 2 months and 3 weeks ago.  It's the little adjustments that make it worth it. 

B-I-G BLOOD DRAW next week.  The kind I have to rally myself up for. And in preparation for this I will continue my motto, "It's all in the name of science!"

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