Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Master Bathroom

We have been working on our master bathroom since the fall. It wasn't a full on renovation, just cosmetic upgrades. It also, was not a planned just started happening.  Since it wasn't financially planned, it has taken a while to complete.  But because I'm so excited that it has been done (and is almost finished) I'm going to show a few details of the new set up.

New mirror, and new sconces.  The electric was kind of a pain in this situation because new holes had to be wired for the sconces.  I love these lights, they are on a dimmer, which I now call a requirement in every room.  They're fabulous.  At the highest setting, these lights are light stage lights (which is nice for putting on make up, you can see EVERYTHING).  The mirror is also new. It was a tricky process to get the mirror made and the size to coordinate with the wholes for the sconces.  The mirror and the electric was by far the hardest part of this project.  

I would really like to have white italian marble on every flat surface in my house, but as we know it is a little pricey.  I know that there are many complications with using a surface that is white, but it is sooo pretty.  Our bathroom vanity was new in our house when we bought it two years ago, and it is a nice piece. So we decided to keep it.  It will be painted a white lacquer.  With the new countertop came a new sink and new faucet.  I highly encourage a 1 whole faucet.  I like the 8" spread, but it takes up a lot of space on your counter top (ours is only 52 inches long) and it costs less for just 1 whole to be cut in the stone.  

The walls are in the process of being painted.  At this point they have been primed. I will officially file painting bathroom walls under, "things that suck".  There are so many corners and angles, not my cup of tea.  A professional painter will come in to paint the vanity, the walls will have to be paired with that job. 
I do not have an anticipated date for when this will be finished, but at this point all the functional things have been done. The counter top, sink, and faucet are in as is the mirror and electric/lighting finished.  The paint will hopefully follow soon.  When it is will get to see the full product. 

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