Saturday, November 20, 2010


I love a good light fixtures and it seems like the main component of this house is light.  In some parts of the house there is a little to much light and in other parts of the house you can't bring in enough.  The downstairs hallway and stairwell both fall under this category.  Along with my quest for additional lighting, naturally I'm on a quest for pretty lighting.

Here are the two bad boys that got the boot!

1. This little fella used to be in the stairwell.  

2. This bad boy used to be at the bottom of the stairwell that feeds into the downstairs hallway.

The newly installed stairwell light fixture
via: Worlds Away

An up close of the new hallway fixture. 

The new landing/hallway fixture.
via: Worlds Away
Track lighting added fall 2009, there was an identical old fixture in the mounting mid hallway.

An up close of the new landing/hallway fixture

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