Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Football Weekend

I will be the first to admit that I am NOT into football.  People watching yes, hot dogs yes, crisp fall afternoons yes.  Other than that the actual game takes way to long, the plays last .7 seconds and then they all fall down...I just don't get it.  Kind of boring.   On another note, this weekend is the Tennessee vs. Memphis football game.  Folks seem to be jazzed about it.  I would imagine it is similar to a Kansas vs. Missouri game (?) in terms of the rivalry.  Perhaps not?  Memphis doesn't seem to have much of a football team.  


In my parent's house in Kansas they have an enormous chalkboard hanging in one of the downstairs hallways. The piece of slate it bigger than a Cadillac and it is from an old one room school house in Greenwood County.  One of my favorite things about going home is to see what my Mom has put on her chalkboard. 

When I saw this photo of the chalkboard with the (Ar)Kansas Football schedule it made me smile.

To my pals who are football fans, I tip my hat to you and say "happy game day", chalkboard style.

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