Friday, September 3, 2010

Weight Loss and Work Space Inspiration

Yesterday I completed weeks 1 of my high protein diet through University of Tennessee/Methodist Hospital.  And subsequently, today I began week 2.  This is weeks 1 and 2 of 26.  It is much more comforting to think of this in terms of weeks rather than days.  If you look at it in terms of days 182.5 days is a little daunting.  So I'd rather just go with "week 2" than days.  See what I mean.  Though I do feel as though this is working...did I mention I lost weight this I guess thumbs up?

Tonight while I was reading some other blogs I started to reconsider the location for a home workspace.  Until about 7 minutes ago I was considering putting it in the butler's pantry, a room with suitable size between our kitchen and dining room. My new epiphany includes putting a work space in one of the closets in the downstairs bedrooms.  We have 2 bedrooms downstairs, 1 that actually serves as a bedroom and the other that is our tv room. I'm considering taking the closet door off the closet and using it as a work space.  There are really nice built in shelves and there would be room enough for a desk and chair below.  

To add to my inspiration of work spaces, I found a few more photos to throw into the mix....

I love these lacquer doors! Ce Bon!

This just looks inspiring to me, in a productive way. 

I love the X legs on this desk and all the orange boxes with the books creatively stacked aside! 

And now the pies de would you like to have that as your view while working?
Nothing to sneeze at.

Last but not least I found this photo in a Google search for this wall paper.  
We are hoping to put it in our dining room.  It just so happens that we also have a chair like this and a 
kitty willing to pose in a similar posture.....

So here's to weight loss, wallpaper samples, kitties, X legs on desks, work spaces in closets, 
and a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower!  

Happy Labor Day Weekend, "All Y'all" (as I've learned to say in the south).
I'll eat, drink, and be long as it is on my approved food list of course.

(photos via various google searches)

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  1. Would love to look out of my home office window to the Eiffel Tower!
    Le sigh...


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