Thursday, September 30, 2010

5th Wedding Anniversary

October 1, 2010 is our 5th wedding anniversary!  It is hard to believe that we have reached this little milestone in our relationship.  One of the things that adds to my love of the crisp fall temperatures is that it reminds me of our wedding.  In Kansas the season is a good bit ahead of Memphis, none the less I embrace this time of year whole heartedly. 

Tomorrow we will spend the day together, possibly with a little road trip and end the day at our favorite Memphis eatery, Cafe 1912 and we will pretend that we were eating dinner at our absolute favorite restaurant (Balthazar, NYC).  

Here are a few photos from "the big day".  I got my dress out today and looked at it.  Isn't is amazing how we only get to spend a few hours wearing the dress of our dreams?  

I loved my dress.  The dress I wore on our wedding day was actually not the first dress I purchased.  Before Geoffrey and I got married we discussed getting married at the University Chapel at The University of Kansas, where we were students.  My first dress was purchased with a much smaller scale isle in mind.  The dress was fitted to my knees and then belled out.  Sort of "mermaid-ish" if you will. It was beaded on the top, so pretty....I loved it too.  When we figured out that we were in fact going to get married at the Cathedral, I figured out that my sweet little dress just wasn't going to do the job. 
Back to the salon to start the search over again.  This search was actually much easier.  There aren't that many options (or not then) that had a Cathedral length train on them.  Think Princess Diana length here....Well I didn't end up with quite as much train as Princess Diana but I did end up with 17' of glorious weight.  

Daddy and I going down the isle

after attaching my veil 

my maid of honor, Natalie, sporting a little Canadian bling

At the "peace" during the service.
In The Episcopal Church, you don't kiss the bride until the peace. 

This may be my favorite wedding photo.

outside some of the doors at the Cathedral
the photographers wife is hiding behind us holding my
veil and the mid section of my dress train

cutting the cake at the 1st reception

A little "sit down" after a morning of photos before the 2:30 service. 

At the 2nd reception with the Canadians.
Yes the Canadians (and me) were singing "O, Canada"

As per usual, I think everybody thinks their wedding was "the best"....and as it should be, I will join those ranks with my very own fond memories of our big day.

Thanks be to God for 5 years of wedded bliss and prayers for many more.

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