Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...and then I found $10

Guess what!?!?! Today my friends Demi and Ashton stopped by!  It was amazing.  We had lunch, went for a walk around midtown, and then I gave Demi a piano lesson.

And then I found $10!!!!


Well Demi and Ashton didn't really stop by but I did acquire $10 today by somewhat irregular means. 

This morning at 8am I went back to the Clinical Research Center at The University of Tennessee/Methodist Hospital for my 3rd of 6 sessions for blood work.  The blood work appointments in entirety lasts approximately 4 hours.  Blood is drawn at -15, 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes. In preparation to do this you have to fast for 24 hours prior to being at the hospital and as the reward, you get to take home $10. 

Remember a week or so ago when I mentioned that the hallway at the hospital near the research wing looked like a scene from one of the Bourne movies, you know when they show what the hallway at the training facility looked like...well here it is today I documented it. There are no people walking down this hall, and what's creepier is that there are no people in those rooms! They are empty!

Doesn't that sort of freak you out? This is the hallway I expect Pam Landy to come walking down.

Today went better than others because my super sweet hubbs came with me...he's cute isn't he. 

Thanks be to God for a good hubbs. Today the topic of conversation was..."what are we going to do to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary" which is just around the corner. Also, he wanted to see what all this is about first hand.  I can only talk about these folks by name so many times without him having a face in mind.  Right? Right.'s what it looks like.

The bucket of ice was where they put the tubes in between draws.  Today, there were a total of 22 tubes taken.  Hallelujah that the nurse was good today!

There is my arm wrapped in a heating pad.  Yes, it does hurt. Yes, it is for science and because of this study at some point in time somebody's life may be saved because of better treatment for diabetes....not to mention that in 6 hinny will be smaller.  All things considered, this is a life changing event. And, it's what's going on in Mrs. Dow-Ward's neighborhood.

(photo of Ashton and Demi courtesy of Demi Moore via Twitter)

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