Saturday, September 11, 2010

once spaces

As cited in previous posts, I've been on the prowl for a desk/work space other than the dining room table. As of recently, the dining room table seems to have been cast in the roll of holding large piles of books and various pieces of music along with the casual table runner....that is not where I want those things to be!

Last week, a friend of mine on Facebook posted 3 photos of a desk that was FREE for the taking (gasp). I have no funds to buy a desk, that is the other flaw in this fabulous plan.  This seemed to good to be true. The hitch in this brilliant plan is that now I have to figure out how to get it home.  It weighs a TON!

I went to see the desk before my class on Thursday evening and took my trust tape measure along to check the dimensions to make sure it would be of suitable size for my space.  Naturally I will have to do a little work on this puppy to shine her up.  

In the weeks before I found this option, I had been looking for metal file cabinets on craigslist and had planned on buying a solid core slab door to put on top of them.  This just might be the best of both worlds is free! 

In a dream world, it would be painted a glossy white...I'll have to see what I can negotiate with myself.  I'm an awful spray painter! I think I hold the can way to close. 

Additionally...In a dream world I would buy/find a desk chair that looks like this to pair with it. 

But that's the dream world....and I life in the real world and until those two worlds collide, I'll have to settle for something else. 


  1. I have a chair very similar. I bought it on lol... sharing my secrets! It's in my Moth office post. Check it out. xo

  2. Here's a link for the white chair with arms!

    I just googled Eames office chair in white and that's what came up! I hope you reward yourself with it, Hilary!


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