Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 photos that ROCK

I really like the green ottoman and the very tall white walls.
I think there is a nice counterbalance between the white walls and the yellow curtains. 

Great table, very similar to the one we currently have.

ALL of it! I absolutely love all of the items in this picture. 

This photo is another view of the room from the previous photos.  I really like this silver chair, it's super different. I also really like the console. It is much like something one might find from World's Away.  Does anybody know where to get one of those pigs? They're awesome.

This is a photo that causes me to be slightly puzzled. There's a lot going on in this room.  What I like is the ottoman, and the leopard chair that is behind it.  And let's be serious, the size of this dressing room is amazing.  Who wouldn't love to have this room to get dressed in every morning? 

This is another room I think is absolutely beautiful.
The white walls are vibrantly balanced by the curtains and pillows. 

This bed is really different isn't it? Not something you can pick up at the ol' Pottery Barn, that's for sure.  None the less I really like the magenta wall with the orange bed.  Very sharp, and an innovative idea for a girls room. 

These 7 photos come from the home of Nanette Lepore. Can you imagine living in this house? There are parts of all 7 of these photos that I adore. There are also parts of these 7 photos that I am puzzled by. None the less, the adoration outweighs the puzzlement.'s now time for the inevitable Sunday afternoon nap. 

(photos via google images)


  1. All such yummy photos!! I'm loving the girl's room. Email me and we'll talk about the faucet! xo

  2. this is why reading a gazillion design blogs comes in handy:

    and i'll totally paint furniture and play piano with you! i'm still on suzuki book 3 from 4th grade when i quit lessons :)

  3. Those turquoise curtains are amazing, I just got some extra long 108" turquoise curtains online, they just arrived today... Can't wait to up them up. They were only $15 per panel, amazing price....


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