Monday, September 20, 2010

A few of the + in my life.

I have a file on my desktop that is labeled "likes".  When I look in the folder, I see that many photos of fun times in my life, travels, fabrics I like, home decor inspiration that I want to remember, etc.  While, I won't recite all of those items, I thought I would share a small version of those items in a list.

+ garden stools
+ animal hide rugs (I try to pretend they died of natural causes)
+ teaching music lessons
+ bonsai trees (although I can never keep them alive)
+ throw pillows
+ books with pretty covers
+ door stops
+ travel photos
+ french doors
+ blackout curtain fabric
+ mirrors
+ friendly people
+ celebrating the high points in life
+ singing in choirs
+ chandelier shades
+ payday
+ Starbucks drinks
+ White VWs
+ beach sand in between my toes
+ evening walks with the hubbs
+ when my monthly Elle Decor arrives
+ cupcakes
+ Balthazar, NYC
+ going to school
+ road trips
+ mani/pedis
+ Bravo channel
+ my parents and brother
+ trips to "O-Canada"
+ Kansas Jayhawks
+ MoMA
+ brick sidewalks
+ arborvitae trees
+ HANDSOME, my nearest and dearest 4 legged friend
+ flea markets

+ Geoffrey

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  1. This made me smile, Hil. I love making lists like this. So nice to remember the sunshine in one's life!


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