Thursday, September 23, 2010


I've watched my share of HGTV in the past 10 years...early on it was in hopes that I would one day have my own space (other than a dorm room) to decorate.  Then I looked to it for cues about (what not to do) decorating my first apartments...then the Dow-Ward's first our  downtown Memphis apartment, and now to our "my big fat Greek wedding" house.  All of these spaces have been very different.  One thing I'm now very aware of is purchasing pieces that could someday live in another space.  Early on, my plan was just to round up enough seating to accommodate a few fannies. Now, it's about the shape, the size, the style, the fabric, yadda, yadda, yadda.

One of the shows I've enjoyed watching on my computer is an oldie (season 2) but addition to that I can even sometimes get the hubbs to watch with me....the show is none other than "Sarah's House"a show made and filmed in " O-Canada", the homeland of the hubbs. 

Season 2 is my favorite so far...mostly because of the interior decor she used.  I also liked season 3 but because of the exterior of the house.  Yet, another point to check out when you look at her web page!  Now as per season 2, check out these drool worthy preview photos!

If those bathrooms don't make you smile, 
I don't know what will!  They're beautiful!

The beautiful after photos of the living room. 
You simply  must check this out!

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