Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wall Street 2

Wall Street: 2

Did you know that this movie made over $19 Million this weekend? Yeah, that's kind of amazing.  Not nearly as much money as they were waging over in the movie, but none the less not to shabby for the box office.

The Canadian and I have been making plans for weeks to go see this movie.  In the final stages of preparation this week we checked out what theaters the movie would be playing at in the Memphis area. We have two "go to" theaters, The Paradiso and Studio on the Square.  As it would happen, it was playing at neither.  (Why, can you tell me?)  My handy IPhone App told me that it was playing at 3 theaters in town.  Long story short, we went to ALL 3 of them!  Seriously.  The first theater we went to, in Memphis off of Summer was to be at approximately 2:30.  We showed up, not playing at that theater.
So we went to on to option #2, even further from our burrow of town.  Arrived to that theater for a 3:45 showing and the theater absolutely REEKED! Awful.  Miserable.  Perhaps worst smell you could imagine. The theater seats were so yucky, I was almost afraid to sit my own self down in the chair.  After "checking" in on my Facebook app we decided immediately to get out of Dodge.  We were able to get a ticket refund and back to the parking lot we went with sore noses to try to reroute our plans.
Now on to option #3...27 miles from option #2. We had 37 minutes to get there.  ON the road we go, and to the theater we arrive. Finally, a theater that was playing the movie, and actually smelled like a movie theater. Success.  All of this happened even before the movie started, I was starting to think perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

On an unrelated subject, one of the most difficult things about being on this medical study is going out in public.  That sounds weird but it is very true.  The temptations of eating/drinking items off of my dietitian preselected list is very difficult.  The movie theater was perhaps the worst possible place to go.  The smell of movie theater popcorn is absolutely excruciating. But after the wild goose chase, our arrival at the theater only allowed us time to find our seats, no time to stand in a line.  (Thanks be to God.)

On to the movie.


Here is one of the reasons why....

In the opening scene of the movie you see Carey Mulligan in Shia LaBeouf's fabulous NYC penthouse apartment.  I must admit seeing this apartment made my heart beat a little faster. This fabulous character (the apartment) had many good scenes during the movie...all of which I loved despite what was actually happening in the movie plot. Am I a home decor junky? Yup. All the way.

The photos of this beautiful apartment are from an article based on the real estate listing.  "What, let me grab my checkbook" you say....yes the apartment has recently been up for grabs.  If you plan to purchase this love nest with over 3300 sq. feet (on the first floor alone) of luxury living space.  You're going to need that $19 mill raked in from opening weekend to make that check good!

(Images via Google search)

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