Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The craigslist flame stitch chair

Last week while prowling craigslist, I found this chair.  
It reminded me of a flame stitch by Kelly Wearstler that is love by few and feared by many.  It is a bit abstract, a little different and some would say out there. In this cost $40 and was worth the risk. 

After contacting the seller, I determined that the trip would take approximately 30-45 minutes to retrieve.  I would need a larger vehicle, and a "local" to help me get there. 

So Sunday afternoon, I had a few of my lessons cancel due to college visits so I had said time in between students to go pick up the chair.  So my friend Kathryn and I went for it.  I tell ya is a darn good thing she is local because that trip I predicted to take less than an hour would have taken me 2 hours to make!  I thought we were practically to Nashville...the burbs in Memphis are ridiculously HUGE! When we pulled up to the house, Kathryn did remark that we were driving over a mote. Yes, a in bridge with water under it.  Oh, wow, the things you see when you travel outside our zip code. 
As we pulled up the 200 yard long driveway, the folks were standing in the front yard ready to load the chair up even before we were out of the car.  Goodness, excited to make a sale much? 
We loaded up the chair and headed back home. 

It wasn't until the chair was sitting in our house that I actually got a look at it.  Fortunately, it is all I had hoped for...a chair with good bones, sturdy legs, and fabric that will eventually need to be covered. 

And so on the eve of my birthday, we welcomed a new craigslist bargain into our home. 

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