Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A sigh...but in a good way

I think I could make an endless list about what I like in this room.  I've been studying upholstery for months in magazines and blogs.  I've enjoyed seeing how designers mix and match patterns that some wouldn't even touch.  I'd say that KAT has got this little task conquered. 

Now, to name a few of my favorite things:
1. the console table...Jonathan Adler is a genius.
2. mirror above the console table
3. gold lamp
4. leopard mod chair
5. the use of animal print in this room
6. the more traditional chair to the left of the console
7. the placement of the pillow in the traditional chair, it's vertical who would have thought? 
8. the orange tray on the console table
9. the arrangement UNDER the console table. I must admit that I don't usually think to decorate the wall under my console table.
10. I curtains that are in the dormer.  Lovely floral print as a backdrop to the leopard chair. 

I'll stop with 10, that's a good number, but seriously I could go on. 

Check out more from this fabulous designer here.

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