Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's "Spring Break" this week with most Memphis schools and thus most of my students are away in fancy places like...Belize or Telluride...or Lake Tahoe...need I go on? 

I have a little extra time on my hands in the meantime...perfect for learning...oh say....recital music!?!?! 

In addition to recital music, I've also been doing some accessorizing in the living room. I picked up a few things around the time of the Kansas trip.

I picked these hands up at Urban Outfitters in Lawrence.  I wanted to get a preview of what our new neighborhood store would have on "hand" when it opens in just a few weeks. Yes they sort of look like  a Jesus prayer hand sort of thing but I think they're perfect for holding my business cards that I keep hand-y on the piano to give to students/parents at lessons. 

This guys is something else.  To say that he is two faced would be an understatement.  He's 7 faced...hmm that doesn't have the same ring to it? It is just the cutest little vase isn't it? Haha, spoofed you.  I totally didn't pay that for this! I have been longing for this darn weirdo thing for about 2 years but there's no way I'm going to fork over that much for a vase...seriously! When we were in Kansas City we went to Z Gallerie and that is where I found him.  Unfortunately he is not listed on the web page. Perhaps they hijacked him from Jonathan Adler? That would be really sweet. 

I ordered this bowl from none other than hsn!  That spelled out is home shopping network. Those folks don't fool around kids.  Fastest shipping I've ever experienced and in short, service with a smile.  Or lack there of because I didn't actually ever see or talk to anybody. This little dandy comes from the Nate Berkus line of treats.  I'd seen this bowl pictured in several magazines and blogs and thought, what the hey...cute as a button, ikat, good price, let's do it!  I ordered on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday just before we departed for Kansas.

Now as for these three pieces, they are all sort of random acquisitions...if you will.  Right now they are all out on display around the living room.  Where they will go and what I will actually do with them is unknown.  The 7 faced vase is an odd size for flowers and the bowl isn't exactly something I'd serve mashed potatoes in so I'm not sure what's up or down other than I like them.  The Jesus hands have found a place and provide the perfect service, right where I needed a set of helping hands.

Last evening I went to the store to pick up a few items and decided to pick up a little $7 delight.  Tea roses.  Right now they're closed and not showing their faces but I anticipate that in a few short days they will be in full blossom.  I tell you what boys and girls, there's nothing to perk a gal up like fresh flowers!
Such a lovely prelude to spring in Memphis.

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