Thursday, March 31, 2011

Additional failure

In a post yesterday I mentioned that I have the ability to walk away from super hot, highly desired (by me) items and then go back for them and they're not there.  This plague has once again stricken my unsavvy  soul.  

I seriously didn't think I used to do this. Lately I have passed up a few items thinking, "oh you really don't need that...." then walk away, drive home thinking about how much I really did like it, get out of the car at home, then realize that was stupid. Yup, that's basically how it goes. And then I pout about it to myself for a few days. That's where I currently stand. 

This particular time, it is a giant glass jug that I saw at TJ Maxx just last week and now they are gone. There were 5 of them. I'm crushed.  They were perfectly shaped and very much reminded me of these pictures below. 

As pictured in Little Green Notebook

The cute kids at Young House Love have had theirs for quite a while and I remember thinking, "Self, when you see one of those you need to pick it up, that's a super cute piece that you can use in a lot of different places." Well, I blew it. In the photo above from Little Green Notebook, there are two pictured on either side of the fireplace.  Which is totally a place I could have used one/them too. 

Once again,  this photo sums things up. 

the end.

photo of me screaming: Annie Tichenor 

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  1. AND those lovely glass jugs - 100% recycled glass, and in slightly different shades. I know, I smacked myself on that one, too. They were only about $10.00. I wanted one or two for my console table. Garrrh!!!


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