Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playing with my toys.

Today I have been playing with my toys.  These particular toys revolve around accessories and lamps in the living rooms. Here are some of my toys. 

A pair of these lamps were purchased approximately 11 months after we bought our house.  
They are came from here. I love them dearly but they are sometimes quite hard to work with because they are big & tall. They work best when together and they shine a nice, friendly light in the room. 

I purchased this dandy at TJ Maxx. It is a far cry from my beloved tree lamps, but none the less is a cutie.
TJ Maxx frequently has pairs of things.  There are always two! Some meany pants bought one and left this poor little guy there all by his lonesome. Sad day. I had to bring him home. 

These two Jolly Rancherish frames also came from TJ Maxx.  In my personal opinion I'm better looking than the frame model.  Just kidding, these are for my Mother.  (I hope she's not reading this, that would totally blow the surprise.)

I bought "Mr. It" a few weeks ago at the Art Center in Midtown Memphis.  It's been a total hoot to see what posture he is in after a day of teaching lessons.  No naughty fingers as of yet, let's keep OUR fingers crossed shall we?

All of these pieces belong to the living room console.  Trying to figure out who will take their turn for the next few weeks has been a tough one.

This is what I started out with:

Yes I realize there are to many things on top of the console. I was weighing the options. 

Then I went to this: 

Switching to a single lamp, and to one that is smaller really changed the feel of the room. I hadn't realized how much space the pair of lamps took up. 

two more swaps:

The subtraction of the X-Stool (bought some leopard fabric for the top cushion more on that to come), and added the ceramic garden stools.  A nice punch of color under the forest of metallic that is the console. The tray that was on top of the X-Stool is not on top of the console. The color of the books plus the stools is a nice contrast to break up all of the mirror from both the console and the actual mirror. This was also something that the tree lamps was able to provide. 

For the time being I am going to try out this lamp on the console.  It is such a different look for the room. I adore the pair of tree lamps on this console.  So they may be back.  If I could find another one of these TJ Maxx dandies to pair with this little  guy, that would be super.  It's hard to purchase just 1 lamp.  Buying 2 is always advisable.

So kids, what do we think? Any one have some good console ideas to share? 

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  1. Ahem...yes. See my blog. I have not put my console table in place with selected items yet - but I'll get there. It looks much better now! :)


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