Monday, March 14, 2011

Recital posters in the air

In just 10 short days I will be giving a recital.  I haven't done a full recital since May 1, 2005. I've sang a song here, and a song there...and a set of songs on occasion but for the most part I've not been an active singer for quite a while. A musician friend of ours in Memphis even went as far as to say, "You're not a singer anymore!" What a shock to me that was. My response was to ask, "Well what am I then?" He told me I was a preacher type...Those of you who have known me, and even back to the days when I was a "singer"...I think there is something that we can all agree on that I have always been a preacher type.  My "preacher type" revolves around the fact I like to talk...I can tell a story, and I can listen to a story. Doesn't this translate into a "singer"? I mean hello, have you met a singer? They talk, and talk, and talk some more! To me, after the general translation, what he said was equivalent to....a singer

I have been planning for this recital for a while.  Since I entered seminary as it were.  I've thought about which pieces I would like to study, and then sing.  Where it would be...and what I would wear. (Hello...totally a singer thing to do. )  When I started the med study in the early fall I made it part of my goal that I had to lose some pounds before my recital and before graduation. To date I'm over 40 pounds, that puts me in a much better place than 6 months ago.  I stand a little taller, am a little prouder, and hold my chin a bit higher...hello, singer. 

So here we are the week before the recital.  I've got my dress picked out, my weight lost (or a lot more than I expected) and the music in the works.  That leaves one more thing....recital posters! I want people to show up after all...once again, singer. 

And like anybody, I like to have were the 3 options: 

Photos by Annie Tichenor

I think it is safe to admit that for a short period of time I actually was more worried about what to wear for these pictures and for the recital than I was about anything else.  (singer) I selected photo #2 for the recital posters.  Photo #1 comes with a bit of history in that this is the same pose/shot as the recital poster this photographer/graphic designer did for my recital in 2005.  Some good things are fun to recreate. This is for sure one of them. 

The current recital poster is modeled after this dandy! I've renewed my love with Kate Spade.  

What do you think? 

Back in 2005 I was going through a Marc Jacobs phase.  I still am...what am I thinking.  I think his style is brilliant. Everything he does under his label all the way over to Louis Vuitton. 

I love what he does with his fonts and the photos against the white background. 
That is where the primary inspiration came for the first pose in this now series of posters.

All this being said, the recital is Friday March 25th at 7:30 pm at Saint John's Episcopal Church in Memphis, Tennessee. The outfit has been chosen, some weight has been lost, the songs have been learned (for the most part), and the party has been planned. The thesis has been started and all engines are on "go". 

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  1. Good luck Hilary! Wish you weren't so far away and I could attend!


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