Sunday, March 27, 2011

late to the party

Three words...Friday was lovely.  

Why you might ask? Not only because I said so but also because my parents were in town, because I got to spend an afternoon with my Mother doing Mom/Daughter things that we never get to do (because she lives hundreds of miles away) and, we had a party Friday night.  But let's not pass by the reason for the season, if you will. Friday evening I gave a recital that is in part thesis project for my seminary degree. The music on the recital was all sacred classical music (there will be more on this to come). For now, let's talk about something cute.  

About a week ago I was putting together party items.  I saw on not one but TWO blogs (gasp) these beautiful paper straws adorned with graceful little stripes. I said to myself, "Hilary, you need some of those beautiful straws!" Yes, straws...folks I believe we can file this as a cheap thrill. I was instantly excited.  The advertising parties were none other than Southern Vogue and Kate Spade-aholic.

I did the famous click, click, click and there were the straws, readily available for internet purchase. 

I ordered gray, yellow, blue, and green stripes. I was so pumped to have them for the party.  I was expecting them to arrive on Friday.  Here comes the sad part of the story, they didn't arrive until Saturday.  Which made me once again want to do this: 

No.  It wasn't that big of a deal...but I do enjoy getting some good mileage out of this picture. 
The straws will be safely tucked away for the next big party.  And GOD WILLING, it will be in approximately six weeks. 

straw photos via Google images
photo of me screaming: Annie Tichenor 

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