Friday, April 2, 2010

"Good" Friday

This morning Handsome and I started our day in the sun room while lawn service kicked the morning off by giving our chi-a pet of a lawn a go. It looks fresh, as a daisy, as they say.
Handsome is not to interested in anything I do on the little silver box (as he must call it). In his mind it keeps me from doing anything productive, like petting his head, or telling him how lovely he is, or feeding him snacks. So basically, my Internet searches are a nuisance to him in the worst way.
Handsome's Dad, went off to work this morning as it is a big week for liturgical types.
Yesterday was a nice day with my friend Kathryn. We had a tasty lunch at La Baguette where I enjoyed the squash soup. Never in my life would I have imagined I would LOVE squash soup. This delicious delicacy has been put on my "likes" list about living in the SOUTH.
Following a our lunch time chin wag, we continued our conversation over the selection of various throw pillows. It's amazing how many throw pillows we have to chose from in this day and age. There's really big ones 22x24, oblong ones 9x16, round bolster pillows, and the ever sensible 12x12 square pillow. They come in silks, tweeds, lace, with bows and strings dangling off the sides (which at my house would be used for sport by one very athletic Handsome P. Dow-Ward) and even with beads, gasp! If there's one way to get your husband to stop using the throw pillows as a head rest, I've discovered the option of purchasing the ones with beads! ha!
While on this purchasing safari, I didn't make a personal selection of a throw pillow, but rather of a jar head. I know that name has alternative connotation but for all practical purposes....what I bought is an upside down jar that is in the shape of a head...and it's gold to boot. When Geoff came home last night, I'm pretty sure that that was the last thing he had imagined I would purchase...As we sat in the living room last night, it did have the striking resemblance of "another person" as we shared our stories for the day.

My delima de jour is not the glass's the piece of furniture it sits on. I have been entertaining the idea of 3 different console tables lately....2 that are black and this one. Because it is the easiest to move, it was the first to come for an audition.
What do "we" think? The other two options have doors and drawers so there is the storage plus, but I do like the option of being able to tuck these 2 stools under for more seating. Also the wild card in this equation is my two white lamps that are apparently oddly tall. They have square shades on them that make it particularly difficult to put them anywhere within 5 to 10 feet of one another. The shades and the height are what made me love them but now I don't love that they're so hard to work with. tsk, tsk, tsk.
My next project will be the installation of the new sconces. I've been on the prowl for 4 matching sconces since we moved in to this house 2 years ago. The problem with searching for 4 sconces is that there are FOUR of them, not 2 and that buy 4 of anything you like is expensive. Had there been just 2 I could have settled on something long ago. But the thought of buying something that costs $200 x 4...well unfortunately my pocket book doesn't allow. Alas, I found these charming pieces that I am completely content with and in high hopes of sparkling them up with shades. Please note-an electrician will actually be doing this project...not me.)

I'm still in the process of learning how to organize the layout of my blog...bear with me as I navigate through the unknown.

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