Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Vigil

Alleluia! Easter is upon us. Today i frolicked around the house arranging and re arranging. This console was purchased earlier this week and I had planned on it being somewhere else in the house. When it came home, it didn't fit. I thought I had measured it to a "T" and didn't fit. So I thought I'd try it here and see. So it's been in the house for several days and I'm starting to like it. (the other option is a black console) The walls will eventually be a shade of gray so it will go better. Right now it just seems like a lot of yellow/gold so it is hard to tell if I actually like it. Today I spent some time putting different toppings on it to see if that made a difference....The jury is still out.
I may try the black one after all. We will see.

I love this guy...I don't think I've mentioned that yet....I love him dearly!

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