Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well it is between Monday darkness and Tuesday morning light. The time is officially 3:48am. I have been reading since Damages was over at 1:00am and can't seem to talk my eyes into closing. I've at least moved myself and the computer up to bed so that it would be an option to negotiate the whole sleep process. As I'm sure most folks know...a racing mind is hard to slow down and almost impossible to shut off. Things have traffic-ed through my head like...what shade of gray the living room should actually be, did I pick the wrong color of brown for the downstairs bathroom? Then there's the important questions like...will I actually make it to Bikram Yoga tomorrow...and the ever more serious question of will I find another job. I think all of these other questions are just the trimmings to the actual pressing question. There's a commercial I see on tv frequently, Geoff and I have come to call it the "sad clarinet music commercial". I think it is advertising some sort of depression medication or something. The realistic part of it is that I hope I don't have sad clarinet music following me as my day goes by. Ha! I'd rather have a theme song like "Linus and Lucy" or "R E S P E C T" or something snappy by Earth, Wind, and Fire.....not the sad clarinet music. That in it's self is depressing. 

Earlier today I was looking on fb at other folks Easter photos I saw some from my "home parish", Grace Episcopal Cathedral in Kansas. A place that is important to me for many reasons, there's the obvious, and then because it was my first church job (choral scholar), a church I chose to go in I WANTED to be there, and of coarse the church where Geoff and I got married October 1, 2005. A very fond sight for my sore eyes.

I think I may have finally negotiated some sleep time with my eyes/mind....time to not only put this hot mac to sleep...also me.
To borrow a line from my dear friend Dorothy, "There's no place like home!"

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