Thursday, April 29, 2010

the LONG and SHORT of it.

In the past year I've been searching for  the perfect shower curtain for our guest bathroom.  The crazy part of it is that I was looking for a very specific that I had seen, naturally it was no longer being made.  So actually I was searching for a very close replica of the shower curtain that was no longer being made.  Now, I  keep calling it a shower curtain because that is where the curtain was going to go, but what I'm in search of isn't actually curtain that would be considered for the shower.  The curtain I am in search of of is a brown silk curtain that's no shorter than 108 inches long with silver grommets at the top.  It needs to be lined and the panels need to be a minimum of 48" wide.  With these length and width requirements, I would need 4 panels to adequately cover the guest bathroom shower stall.
As I said, I have been in mad, hot pursuit of said curtain for at least a year.  A dear friend of mine, who just happens to be the best interior designer in all of Memphis if not the Mid-South, has the ideal curtain hanging in her downstairs bathroom.  It was love at first sight.  I simply adored the use of this very heavy curtain against the beautiful brown walls of her bathroom.  Some might say I'm a copy cat, and then the more optimistic types might say that copying is the most sincere form of form of flattery.  In this instance I maintain the latter. While her curtain is absolutely the cat's pajamas of curtains, I wouldn't be able to duplicate this mater piece.  I would have to go for a close duplicate.
My "dreams" came true about 2 weeks ago while scanning the pages of an online resource..."and BINGO was his name-o"...I had found them.
Comparatively speaking....
My friend's curtain was all one panel. Yes that's right, it is a glorious sight. The panel is complete with  the most beautiful balloon skirt you've ever seen (this portion I was not able to duplicate).  It's perfection in a nutshell.  I did find my perfect panels, there are 4 of them, each 48" by 108". They are hung floor to ceiling with a modest pool at the bottom (no pun intended).
Aside from this hysterical hunt, I also needed something that would be complimentary, if not the exact same on the window in said bathroom.  The curtain God's were on my side on this particular day because along with my 4 giant panels, I was able to find 2 panels that are 48" by 63" to complete my window project.
I got the curtains, hung them...and my guest bathroom is living happily ever after.
Pictured: Guest Bathroom in the "mother in law" suite.  Walls: Grizzly Bear Brown by Benjamin Moore.
Curtains: Espresso by West Elm.
This room is DARK...I like it though...but it was quite hard to photograph with adequate lighting for obvious reasons.

On the job front...I've applied for 9 jobs...and the LONG and SHORT of it is...I may be unemployed for ever. How dismal.


  1. i want to lick your curtains. i bet they taste like ghiradelli. yum!

  2. Yes, come to think of's like a chocolate waterfall. Perhaps I will dub this the "Willie Wonka" bathroom.


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