Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One week, plus a few days.

A few (okay 10) days have gone by.  It's spring time, what can I say?

The azaleas have bloomed (at our next door neighbor's house).  They face our sunroom, we are really enjoying the view!  Thanks neighbor!

We have done some cooking....Handsome loves it. The rule is no paws on the table.  Do you think "himself" actually follows that rule?  Heck no.
As I'm typing this Handsome is sitting next to me (on the table). 

Our dear friend Katherine made BBQ Shrimp.  This is one meal where Handsome's name was not on the guest list....for obvious reasons.

Geoff played with the University of Memphis brass faculty at St. John's Episcopal Church (our church) for their spring concert.  It was lovely.

These dandies arrived from Pottery Barn...they are for our bedroom but have made a stop in the living room.  Oddly enough....they may just get to "sit" here for a while. They totally thwart my plans for the space, after shipping off the purple couch the room was nearly there.  Isn't it funny how plans change when a nice arm chair comes into the picture?

Every once in a while...I have to buy soap.  It happens once in a blue moon and it's one of those purchases (for some people) that is as obnoxious as buying socks or underwear.  It's the behind the scenes stuff you need but you don't like to buy.  I developed this semi-hatred in university.  Fortunately, when Mom and Dad came to town inside their magic sled....socks, laundry detergent, cascade, etc.
When it's all said and done...the soap purchase is actually an enjoyable one for me.  The bottles are pretty and the soap smells good. For me, on this particular soap shopping trip, I purchased new dispensers.  I've wanted these for quite some time, and by golly...this was the trip.  I bought them for the bathrooms and for the kitchen.  The kitchen has milk glass, the bathrooms have green and clear glass respectively.  I couldn't be happier.  Soap trips are no longer on the down list for me!

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  1. i love that your cat's name is handsome! i call our marley dog handsome all the time (because he is). it's one of my favorite adjectives.

    and i love buying soap! my fave is william's sonoma - peppermint for the holidays and lavender otherwise. i'm also a serial shampoo hoarder. i love trying new types!


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