Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#DWH2 - Gallery Wall

#DWH2  The Den - Gallery Wall

I posted several times this spring about working on the den at #dwh2.
Check out this post, post and post about her progress.

When we went to Chicago in January, we hauled it out to Shaumburg to the middle of a snow storm. It was great.  GHW got to use his Canadian snow driving skills and I got to go to Ikea.

When I bought the shelves in January, I intended to put them in the lady room. As the den started coming together, it came to be that they really were best used in there.  So there it is.

The inspiration for this "installation" comes from Barney's.  (The department store, not the purple dinosaur. Just wanted to clear that up. ) Their home section is really quite lovely - a museum, if you will, for home decor. Their book section is one of my favorite areas of the floor.

 Barney's Department Store - Home Floor

And then there's my new Kate Spade 2015 planner.  Hmmm. 
Considerable nod to the wall at Barney's, don't you think? 

So here's what all the hah-bub is about. 
Enter: My favorite spray paint (pictured below) for the brackets that were originally stainless steel. At the last minute I took them out back and sprayed a coat on them.  The stainless steel seemed like a good idea and would probably have been okay but that wasn't the look I was after. I wanted the shelves to be a non factor - merely utilitarian and to completely blend in with the (VERY) white wall.
Ikea Ekby - The planks were already finished in a nice lacquer white. I used 4 planks for this project. 2 small, and 2 large.  The larger planks are on the bottom and the smaller are on the top.

The final product is quite good.  All in all it took about 20 minutes to have all 4 shelves up on the wall. I can't believe we waited 6 months to actually do it.  What a great additive to the room.  It really feels nice walking in/out/through the space having this in place.  I'm sure that I will continue to fiddle with the positioning of the pieces, etc. over the next few days.  Within about 10 minutes of having the shelves up, this is what landed in place.  Gotta start with something, right-o. 

I don't really intend to put books on these shelves, using them for pictures is really the intention. There are shelves available for books to the immediate right around the closet door if need be. I have so many framed pieces and other items that really needed a place for them to be displayed without looking ridiculous.  A work in progress none the less.  In under an hour - work well done.

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  1. Your art selection has spoken to me...said we should be friends! Lol! Welcome to Memphis!

    Carmeon H.


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