Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Laundry (Play)list

Laundry (Play)List

1:33pm - July 21, 2014 - Kenmore and Lafayette - SoHo
My last pic in the city for #ghwlci14
This pic is posted in my Instagram account at the top left side of the home page screen. 

Sigh...Good pic, Huh. 
It's the last view I had of NYC before we got to the airport yesterday. 

Back home to #dwh2 today - laundry by the loads and I have a couple of house  projects in the hopper. Yes, it does involve my favorite spray paint and yes I am a mess, it's everywhere. Theme today - "Keep it moving people, keep it moving". And for that, sometimes you just need a playlist.
Those suitcases weight 49.5 lbs and 47 lbs respectively.Yikes.

Well - I actually made the playlist yesterday before our flight took off in New York.  It's the playlist I listened to en route to Memphis and the one I'm listening to again today. Last week when in NYC I realized how much I missed my tunes.  I shared this with a new friend from class and explained in saying that since I reside in a city that drives in their own car everywhere, the radio is always available. Being in NYC that many days seriously but a slash in my radio tune time. (Which then explains why everybody has a set of Beats headphones on their head - okay well very nearly everybody but that's another story for another post at another time.)

iTunes took the liberty of alphabetizing the playlist for me...wasn't that nice? 

1. Always in My Head - Coldplay
2. Beggin' - Madcon (Heard it in Jersey Boys but like this version better)
3. Brave - Sara Bareillas (bought this album when it came out - good tunes all around)
4. Empire State of Mine (Part II) - Alicia Keys solo version (I've been in NYC for 17 days, any surprises with this one?)
5. Girl On Fire - Alicia Keys
6. Halo - Beyonce
7. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
8. Irreplaceable (Ralphi Rosario Dub Remix) - Beyonce
9. Just for Now - Imogen Heap
10. Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
11. My Eyes Adored You - Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast)
12. No One - Alicia Keys
13. Quermos Paz - Gotan Project
14. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine
15. Show Me What I'm Looking for - Carolina Liar 
16. Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) - Nina Simone & Felix Da Housecat - Verve Remixed 2 - The original of this song was in Thomas Crown Affair when he stole the painting from the Metropolitan Museum, I also listened to this one on the Met steps on Sunday.  It was totally great. 
17. Time To Pretend - MGMT (Memphis hometown heros)
18. Umbrella (feat. Jay - Z) - Rihanna
19. We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monae) - Fun.
20. When Your Mind's Made Up - Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova from Once (Music from the Motion Picture) 
21. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric
22. Why Can't I? - Liz Phair (the clean version, mind you) 
23. Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (come on... you know you like this song don't throw it under the bus. Miley may be a bit "dirty" but she sings)
24. You've Got the Love - Florence + The Machine

If you're in need a rockin' playlist to supply energy, mood, a tapping toe - this is a good spread.
Now...back to that laundry list. 

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