Monday, February 17, 2014

#dwh2 : Den...Before

The den is under construction this week at #dwh2. Here are a few before shots for perspective.
This room is as from when we moved into the house. Furniture and such is in the exact same place.
Paint, flooring, and different furniture coming your way! I've been collecting "inspiration" for a while. 8.5 months in - Time to act. Eventually, this room will be a bedroom and we will convert our garage into a den and build out the side of the house to include a few more things, including another garage to replace the one that will become the den.  BUT - that's not happening for a while, so I don't want to deal with crazytown in the meantime. This room feeds out into the pool room so it is kind of a nice view.  The house really doesn't need a bigger den as it does have an out door room kind of in the middle of the house, a big living room (with a tv built into the wall) and an indoor pool - but you know. Think "up".

Cool flooring, huh? 
I used to really like this rug - the mix of pattern is making my eyes jiggle. 

My thoughts exactly.

Let's do this THANG...

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