Wednesday, March 5, 2014

#dwh2: The Den ... What's Happening Now

When I last posted about the den in #dwh2 it looked like this...

...and a really odd color combination.
Green flooring, navy blue patterned rug. Brown furniture. Brown curtains, tan walls that were highly textured from the wallpaper that surely was up there at some point because why else would the walls be prickly and rough? The room has 1 over head fluorescent light and a mid century slit window.
So not a lot of light, hence the need for brightness.
Here are the before pictures....

So about 2 weeks ago Magical Dave came to save the day. He spent (what I thought was a looonnng time sanding the walls, and what a mess it was). I am very glad to have smooth walls once again, that 3-d wall  biz is for the birds. These are legit action shots of the work in progress. The room is now finished, but I have one more step to share. So let's relish on this "before" just a little bit longer.
The after is worth the wait.

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