Thursday, March 6, 2014

#dwh2: The Den Floor

The den finally has new paint on the walls and new peel and stick flooring.  Yes, I saint peel and stick flooring.  Something I have been so very adamantly opposed to.  In this case, I will make an exception.

Here is my list as to why:
1. the floor was GREEN. Couldn't take it another day.
2. the den is right off the pool - flooring needs to be waterproof
3. peel and stick meant I could do it myself - easiest DIY ever.
4. peel and stick doesn't take very long
5. peel and stick is cost efficient. $46/box and readily available at Lowe's.
6. actually looks like hardwood

I think that list should suffice. It did for me. And away we went to Lowe's to buy the first boxes.

And now you're thinking, "Hmm, Hilary I think you skipped a step"...Yes this is true.
I accidentally deleted about 7 photos from my camera. Those 7 photos were the details between the picture above and the picture below.

So, now we have furniture moved back into the den and have it arranged differently than before. We brought a rug from another room in and the navy blue rug is rolled up waiting for another place to go.
The yellow curtains came from the breakfast room. They needed more space and a better space to "brighten". Mission accomplished on that front.  The parsons desk came from the guest bedroom.
Eventually, I'll get a tv console to put here but for now the parsons desk serves the purpose just fine.

There are still many things to be done in this room, but it is sort of back together. There are a few more things to receive "treatment" and art to hang, etc. But for the most part, the room is back in use.

Once I finished the den I was eager to continue into the laundry hallway.  And guess what, I wasn't paying attention to how many planks I had left and all the sudden...I was out. So I got this far and then left it like this for like 4 days.  It's okay, I only fidgeted a little bit.

By the time I got another box of planks I was completely impatient and just put them down. I wanted to floor covered and only had a small window of time to get it done. Alas, it looks way better than it did before. I had to remove the linoleum from the walls that was in place of base boards. For now, Magic Dave will just sand/paint those places.  Eventually when we do get different flooring, baseboards will go in more permanently.

In total, it took about 3 1/2 hours to do the den and about 1 1/2 hours to do the laundry hall area. But yay, it's done.  We are considering options for the kitchen next.  This flooring is the leading option but there are some other fun options for consideration.  Fortunately, it is nearly spring break so there might be a little bit of time to whip up something fun for the kitchen too!

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