Monday, July 21, 2014

Language - testimonial part 2

I'm back.  I've thought of some other things.  This is the second post for the day. I've not had a substantial amount of school homework so I've got to stretch my words to some other canvas.  Also, this is something I actually want to write about so there's the element of "fun" within this that doesn't always extend to homework, know what I mean? So -  Read the post prior to this if you're interested.

Yesterday, Sunday July 20th we scored some great seats to Jersey Boys...and by great I mean front row and we were practically ON the stage.  Yep. I felt every breathe the dudes took.

Have you seen it? My lord...dudes can sing! It pumped my spirit - like good music usually does.
It's worth the download - Jersey Boys (Original Broadway Cast Recording). Songs of specific interest include "My Eyes Adore You", "Beggin", "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"...amazing. Good songs, good lyrics, good singing.  Done. Done. Done.

Prior to hitting up the show - I walked about 25 blocks north. We are staying at 47th and Lex and I walked right up Ave of the Americas to the Met.  It was terrific.  No tourists walking slowly or taking photos with their ipads up in the air. It was nice to have the calm on an otherwise busy street. It was so fun and highly enjoyable that I continued walking - I walked - and walked - and walked some more.  For a while I walked with a similar group of people.  I wondered what they were doing or where they were going.  I wonder if they thought the same of me? At one point, an older man I'd been walking by for probably 12 blocks actually said "good bye" before he turned right and walked away from me.  It was like we had experienced the same beauty - I agree (with myself) - it was nice that he said bye. We didn't speak a word that whole time - just walked practically side by side. 

After many more blocks it was my turn to turn left - this led me to the Met. A happy place from the week's past (and 2 summers ago when I first came as a student to LCI).

I sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Classy joint, ya know? Okay so I sat there for probably two hours (and subsequently I have a ridiculous sun burn because I can't get any whiter and people who are as white as I am are supposed to use sunblock) and when I initially walked up the steps I wondered..."how long do I have to sit here before I see somebody go by that I know...?"  I have an answer for you. Within the first few moments of time sitting there, perhaps 20 minutes in actuality, I saw 2 people pass by that I knew. Crazy, right? The first person was in my class at Lincoln Center TWO YEARS AGO! That was wild. Remember, when you meet somebody, you never know where their path will cross yours again. It does happen - the world is not that big.  The second was somebody I heard during a group panel this summer.  She was with her family and they were partaking in the plethora of street vendor food options. 

It was fun to hear the conversations of people around me sitting on the steps - regardless of the language they were speaking - their voices emphasized content that demonstrated their emotion. That's the neat thing about words - they always have lots of meaning.  While sitting on the steps I also witnessed a marriage proposal.  It made me cry.  Yep. It was very beautiful. It was entirely in Spanish, but let me tell you...everybody within ear/eye shot understood what words this man was speaking to his (future)wife. 

It is now time to pack up the computer - to zip up the suitcase and to return to Shelby County Tennessee. I wrote these to "testimonials" because I wanted to remember them.  They were not part of my school experiences these past two weeks but rather important details that needed notating in some way, shape, or form. Things to learn from, by, and to remember.

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