Monday, July 21, 2014


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Today is my last day in NYC.  I knew upon arrival on July 5th that the time would fly by - sadly, it has. And now it is time to return to Memphis and the actualities of what's to come.  What's to come you say? I'm not sure - but I feel like something good.  Time in the city always clears my head - reminds of of what I love - helps me focus on what I'm good at - and what my priorities are. This time more than ever - I have realized this.

If you take a scroll over to my Instagram account to on the top right of my blog home page - you can see over 100 pics from time in the city.  If you can't see them, just look up the hashtag #ghwlci14 that will direct you to them.

10 Things I discovered while in the city....

1. I am fast walker.  Due to the supreme lack of walking in Memphis, this was lost on me. One of my very dearest friends, Dr. Jeffery Robinson M.D., says "walk with a purpose" I did.
2. I really like getting dressed up every day.  This sounds goofy perhaps, but I find it really easy to slide into a routine of "frump town" in Memphis.  Perhaps that is related to my daily duties of working with small children? None the less - it is true that when you are dressed, you do feel better about what you're doing.
3. There are lots of really cool people in this world.  When you come across one, or two, or three new ones that is a real treat.  When you can leave with a whole new circuit of contacts, that's saying something.
4. I really like Thai food.  I don't eat it enough.  Does this exist in Memphis? I mean, more than Bangkok Alley? I need to investigate.
5. Socks and shoes are really the best idea. I've realistically tried every combination that could look outfit appropriate.  When it comes down to it - socks make the difference.  Your feet are your ride - invest in good tires.
6. I am in love with the sense of "wonder".  Don't ever eliminate it as part of what you do each day. When you have lost that sense - time to refocus and/or get the hale out of town.
7. While I do have friends everywhere on the globe - as I said to one of my new friends I made this trip - the bulk of the people I've like for more than 5 minutes all live here (NYC). People who have been with me for decades...yup there's a bunch of them here.  You can't ever override the effectiveness of having a good circle of friends close by.  Misery is the alternative, and it is no good. Live it. Learn it.
8. This one may be a bit brutal but it is the truth in all actuality - My skill set is highly under utilized in Memphis. I'm stuck... And it's killing me. If you haven't experienced growth and/or joy, time to reevaluate.
9. Size doesn't always matter (in this case).  Now, I know that we have only been here for about 3 weeks but I am good with not having a ton of space.  And by a ton, considering the 5000 sq ft we have now in Memphis vs. the probably 600 sq ft I've lived in while in NYC.  That is something I always thought would be "just awful".  Not true.  It's totally fine.  And quite honestly, it would likely downsize the amount I accumulate - I've got a ton of unnecessary stuff. Seriously.  Seriously.  Time to get rid of some stuff. Look out for an upcoming online shoe sale.
10. It is okay to be quiet and still. Reflection is very important towards progress. If you don't have anything to reflect on -find something- make it a priority - trust me you'll feel better.

I would imagine that this series of noticing will continue.  I have about 6 more hours before take off. I may find some more in that time causing my collection may grow. Stay tuned.

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