Sunday, August 1, 2010

Always a bridesmaid....dress

Early in July a church friend of mine from my hometown got married to a delightful man.  I watched through many photo postings, their engagement, and then as their wedding came together, and showers were thrown, etc.  Then came the wedding day.  As predicted, it was quite beautiful. One of the things that was remarkably beautiful about the wedding was the selection of the bridesmaid dresses.  I've been to a bazillion weddings and when Geoff comes home from a wedding I always request details about the bridesmaid dresses.  He's gotten better at this...much better.  So often the bridesmaid dresses are, to put it lightly, GOD AWFUL!

Frequent problems include but are not limited to:

1. Depending on the time of day, the length should be taken into consideration
2. different sizes of bridesmaids, which almost always results in somebody looking uncomfortable
3. wrong color considering the given colors in the church space
4. materials of dress-the wrong material can result in awkward draping regardless of size/shape
5. does it accent the bride or over power the bride...after all it is her day.

I could add several more things to to each section of this list that frequently make me tsk, tsk, tsk but alas, I don't have to for this particular bride.  She and her maids did a good job selecting their wedding apparel. (insert your round of applause)

And with one swift scroll, I give you the bridesmaid dresses
(from said wedding)

(via amazon)

Excellent color, tasteful length, beautiful draping, and appropriate (ahem) chest coverage

(via amazon)
A close up of the neck, waist, bodice detail.  Very pretty and really quite charming in a romantic way which is perfect for a summer wedding near the 4th of July.

After seeing the many photos from this wedding, I myself became rather interested in persuing one of these dresses for myself.  Today I thought, "well you could at least ask her where it came from"....In my experience sometimes folks don't like to share. Once I asked, she wrote me right back with the details.  Should the post be on time, I will receive my very own dress later this week. 

The beautiful bride and her regally dressed bridesmaids. Congratulations.


  1. I loved this blog!!! So cute.

  2. Hello!
    I'm looking for a modest bridesmaid dress for my own wedding, and I stumbled upon your post. I love this dress, and I'm wondering if you can share where I can get this dress as well... Thank you very much!


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