Thursday, August 5, 2010

On-Line Shopping.

I was doing some on-line shopping today. Often that is much safer than shopping in stores, and it is so hot today in Memphis I couldn't imagine going out of the house (for anything other than a sonic slush).

Here are some good finds today from Target:

This lovely end table at such a lovely price!  $34.98 and had been $99.99!  Good save!

This rug is an amazing price!  If you were so inclined to, you could by a 7x10 for less about $115.00

I've heard a rumor that ikat is on the way out.  I don't really believe it though...come's ikat!
This bedding solves any worries I've had...well except it's on sale...I don't care I still like the ikat! 
I mean, come on it's revearsable! 

I'm not particularly in the market for a lamp, but I must say that I think this is a "Jim-Bob dandy"

Come to think of it, this lamp would like nice on a table next to this pouf  from yesterday's post
Supposing that you like the white on white on white on white set up...does anybody else but me?

And last, but certinally not least...what home would be complete without this? It comes in white, but come's a pink piano!!!!

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