Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beachy Keen

Last Wednesday, about mid-day, the Canadian and I decided to get in the car and drive to Florida. I had only been to Florida once before and Geoff hadn't been at all.  So in the car we hop, and on the road we went.
Since living in Memphis, oh geez it's been 4 years already, we have heard countless people talk about Destin, Florida.  "Most beautiful sand in the world"...blah, blah, blah.  Here's the scoop....that sand is not only beautiful, every time I set foot on the beach I wanted to scoop up a fist full and eat it because the stuff is not only as soft as sugar, it looks like sugar!
We arrived late on Wednesday night so didn't have any views of the ocean until the morning.  I sprung out of bed on Thursday morning as though it was Christmas morning and I was a 4 year old.  I was so excited to see what was on the other side of the windows. And man was I excited...I had no idea that it could look like this....

WOW, so about 7 minutes later I had the Canadian out of bed and off to the beach we went. We sat foot on the beach at about 10am and didn't budge until the sun went down.  Sounds great, right?  
Yes, it was great, until we came inside and found that we both looked like lobsters.  Good lord. As I have now learned, a sunburn earned from the ocean is a little bit different from one that you earn at the swimming pool! That being said the weather the first day was, in my mind, excellent.  The wind was gently passing through, the sun was shining, there were some clouds in the sky, though they were such an enduring shade of gray/black (haha). 

While Geoff ambled out into the salt water, I sat firmly in my chair....
I had a cooler to protect folks, that's a serious job. 

Not to worry, I did let the water touch my feet. I didn't stay completely away. Remember, this is my "first" ocean experience.  Patients please. 

Friday we spent most of the day was sort of a "heal our wounds" sort of thing.  I haven't had a sunburn in YEARS, I (fortunately) had forgot how much they hurt.  All things said, and all blisters aside, Thursday was one of the greatest days of my life/our life.  That part of Florida is simply glorious. The beach, from what I remember, in near Orlando can't even compare.  Good job to the man upstairs, he did good.  

Saturday, we were able to bend our arms and legs enough to get into the car and see what is Destin and Sand Destin. I had no idea the area would be as big as it is.  It's huge.  Once you venture a few blocks from the beach, it looks like any other city would. Walmart, Target, Win-Dixie, Walgreens about every 2 blocks, etc.  

Following our mini car trip we went back to the beach and resumed position (this time completely under the umbrella) on the beach.

The remainder of the trip went as follows:
Eat, beach, drink on the beach, eat on the beach, sleep, beach, eat, beach, etc.  You get the idea.  It mainly revolved around....THE BEACH.  Our days were numbered people!

Monday we were sitting on the beach...which looked like this:

And we decided to go buy some seafood and cook it in the condo instead of going out to eat.  Back in the car we went, bending of the arms and legs was much smoother by now, and down the road the car motored to this place:

Not much to look at from the outside, but based on those signs hanging on the front, we were in for a t-r-e-a-t!

WHOA-Look out!

This served as more of an artistic display than it did a cuisine option.  
Following our purchase, we went back to the beach and as per looked like this:

We became very comfortable with assuming this position.

Closing in on the end of a really good trip is always difficult, 
when it is hard to leave that usually means it was good, right? 

poor thing...he looks kind of sad doesn't he?

Oh, what fun...I think it is safe to say that this 7 day trip  ranks high on my "beachy keen" list!  

Here we are, 1 week into having this sunburn and it is hard to believe that it was already a week ago, the time has come and gone, just like another summer in Memphis.


  1. I noticed an internet silence from your corner - missed you! Glad to hear all was well and fun. I'm a beach bum as well. I live for the beach life. Isn't it grand?

  2. Oh I love DESTIN!!! We went there growing those pictures too!


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