Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Farm projects in Midtown

This week has been a sad adjustment back to reality after the fabulous week at the beach.  All these years I've maintained that I wasn't a "beach person"....and as I've reconsidered in the past few days I now realize that I was just telling myself a little white lie. Would I go back tomorrow, yes.  Would I go live there, YES!  Piano teachers are needed everywhere, right? 

So back on the farm this week, otherwise known as midtown Memphis, I have been feeding the livestock:

And have been working in the pasture:

Our crops have done well this year.  The flowers grew despite the wicked hot sunshine beating down on their shade stems and petals. The grass has turned from 98% weeds to 98% grass. And in the meantime I'm still contemplating the option of having a front walk.  Now that the grass is looking so nice and lush, I hate to tear it up.  

Yesterday, in the name of sidewalk research, I drove slowly past farms near by to look at other sidewalk options.  I'm leading towards brick, yet again....Here's what I found:

These folks have a nice pathway with a nice landing street side. What a nice way to welcome guests.  Also, this house is a very similar style to ours. 

I highly enjoy the white cement "grout" that goes with this sidewalk.  Also, isn't the grass pretty? 

And lastly, these folks went with the straight and narrow approach with the added bonus of a few steps. Quite nice, I would say. 

All I can say now is that I'm even more confused than I was before when I was still trying to decide what kind of material to I can't decide which way to place it.  Grrrr...I highly enjoy the excitement of options, and yet highly dislike the aspect of organizing and weighing them. 

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