Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fleurs do grow...Hopefully the weeds to not

Flowers as of June 3, 2010

Funny story.....So this year Geoffrey and I decided that we would give our lawn a go with a professional lawn care company.  Over the next year they will come spray our yard every 5-7 weeks approximately and with that, they've said that it would be better.  Our house was renovated from shingles to basement and everything in between, but the yard....WAS NOT.  Call it what you want but this yard was full of crab grass/Texas grass...nasty! As of now, our yard has had 3 treatments by this unmentioned professional yard care company.  Between the application of the 2nd and 3rd applications, we received a knock on the door by another representative from the company trying to sell us a year's worth of lawn care.  (Aren't they supposed to know we are already in the system?) Geoffrey listened to his whole speech about how bad our lawn looked and about how much better it would look if we had their service because "IMMEDIATELY" we would notice a difference...or so the salesman said. 
Following this fabulous (memorized) speech...Geoffrey said, "Hmm, interesting that you think we need your lawn care service." The salesman ask "why"....Geoffrey said, "because we have already had 2 applications and apparently this IMMEDIATE difference you speak of doesn't exist."  
Poor salesman, I thought his jaw was going to hit the sidewalk. I've never known of somebody to backpedal so fast.  

This past week my family was visiting from the Midwest and I was thankful that my father, the biggest critic I know, remarked that our lawn sure did look better.  Apparently the ugly grass is in fact going away.  Perhaps not as fast as they advertise it will, but alas....the lawn will look better. In the meantime...we are left with patches of brown amongst the thriving kelly green.  That should be proof enough that it is working, but I guess we all need our Dad's approval once and while. 

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