Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We need a "yellow" brick road.

Okay kids, we are in need of a little "yellow"brick road right here in Memphis. Our front yard is on the mend from decades of weed infestation.  It was sprayed 2 days ago, treatment number 4 in a long process I'm sure. In the meantime, it is still fun to think about the landscaping options for our yard.

There is a very obvious space for a front sidewalk, there just isn't one there.  As far as I know and from photos of our house in previous years, there hasn't ever been a front walk of any kind.  Perhaps it is time, yes?

When considering the options, there's a lot to consider. (hmm, that sounds funny.)  Do you use poured concrete, or pavers, or brick. And if you use something like brick or pavers, what pattern do you get? If you use concrete do you put a step at the end of the walk that goes on to the main sidewalk? Oh geez. Yet again, more things to contemplate. What a "disaster".   Here are some photos of options that I'd consider.

(google images)

(google images)

So, what do you think?


  1. My advice - don't do concrete. We've got it at our house and it just looks like a sidewalk. For your house, I like the second option. I'm craving a new walk as well.

  2. ooh herringbone! that would be neat. the second pattern is good too. i totally think you should do a festive pattern that's more exciting than the standard rows of bricks.


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