Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vet Visit, Ram Horns, and Director's Chairs...Oh MY!

Handsome my cat my son went to the vet today.  He hasn't been for a while, and no that doesn't make a bad cat mother, it just means that he's been living life inside on a cushion.  I'm proud to report that he acted purrr-fectly like a cat.  You may interpret that however you'd like.  He got his back paw nails clipped and a shot (which he didn't enjoy, but who does enjoy a shot in the rump?) He came right home and has been hiding in one of the upstairs closets since then.  Three cheers to the folks at Central Animal Hospital in Midtown Memphis for their wonderful care of my beloved friend.

After dropping Handsome off to his house, we looped back around to our neighborhood Starbucks, which is currently undergoing renovations, rest easy the drive through is still open.  My day has been slightly ascew because they were out of soy milk....I know, hold the phone...that's serious.  It's okay I guess...they are undergoing a facelift.  Perhaps I will be able to overlook it, eventually. 

One the way home we passed one of our Central Avenue "interior stores" there is a big row of them....and I all but forced Geoff to throw on the breaks.  I had spotted something that needed to live on Landis.  He did what any good husband would do, he asked me if he should pull over.  What a guy!
As we pulled up to the parking lot, I jumped out like a track star (which is highly irregular for me) and bounded up for a closer view. They were better than I could have imagined!  3 of the greatest words ever...Ram...Horn...Pedistal!  

From a distance I thought they were going to be made from concrete, which would be impossible to move.  When I got closer I discovered that they're actually made out of plaster, which is fabulous for the inside of our house.  

Because the top of them are not even, I went to Lowe's this afternoon to pick up 2 pieces of glass to put on the tops so I could put them to use.  Because they were a totally unplanned purchase, I'm not sure where to put them but as of now this is what they are doing...

I kind of love them....they're weird.  I like weird. 

Now...speaking of Lowe's......Guess what else I found this week at Lowe's!
(you can see it in the right hand corner of the above photos)

Again, not a planned purchase but I la-la-laved the price. This I will share.  The chairs in total  cost $14. The frame, which is surprisingly sturdy, comes in lacquer black and lacquer white.  Then, oh yes the fun doesn't stop there, you get to pick your seat/back color.  They have white, black, green, red, blue and...hmm maybe yellow?  They were hiding in the garden section.  I really like them.  They come with fabulous feet on the bottom which protect the wood floors from scratching, they slide easily and are light weight.  I have put them to good use as extra seating in the sunroom as well as the seat I pull over to the piano while I am teaching lessons.  It is quite comfortable! I highly recommend you run, not walk, to the closest Lowe's you can find to purchase some of your own!  Did I mention that they were on sale...AND it only took me 60 seconds to have it out of the box and rocking and rolling?!?!  Had been $40, now $14.  It's a deal, wouldn't you say? 

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