Monday, June 7, 2010

Mom and Dad

I was just thinking today about how my family was here a week ago.  During their visits we usually have various things to celebrate that happen in between visits.  Right now we are celebrating an on going birthday/anniversary season.
My parent's 42nd wedding anniversary and by brother's 29th birthday are both during the last week of May. My father's 62nd birthday is on Flag Day, June 14th. Lots of cake, ice cream and drinks were consumed during this past holiday weekend in honor of these special occasions.

This is my family.  Mom, Dad and Patrick.  This photo was taken Thanksgiving break 2009. 

My only sibling, Patrick, has autism and lives with my parents in our family's home in Kansas.  Mom and Dad don't get many opportunities for a photo alone....Patrick always thinks it is necessary to be part of their photos.  And rightfully so, he's a Prince.

Another delightful thing about our Memorial Day weekend together was that all of Memphis was flooded with beautiful hydrangeas.  And not only are the flowers beautiful, so are the leaves!

There were a few new purchases made for our house.....

This beautiful mercury glass vase and this delightful thing.....
(that's what we refer to it as...."this delightful thing")

According to my mother...."Pier 1 has had those things forever"....unfortunately I didn't notice them until I saw this delightful thing on 9 by Design when they renovated a friend's apartment and went shopping at Pier 1.  I am a perfect example of why thy did that....1. it was affordable  2. things at Pier 1 are assessable to the American public...3. it's cute....and with these 3 reasons (which was enough for me) I went to purchase my very own wicker elephant side table.  I wonder how many other folks who watch the show did the exact same thing?

On the show, Bob wanted to paint the elephant "a wacky color, like hot pink"....I don't currently have enough steam to do such a thing, also it would take about 5 cans of spray paint. I did however have a remnant of white marble from our master bath reno that fit perfectly on the top to give a flat surface to place my morning coffee.  This was enough to make it different, and I love it.  Perhaps I'll save the "wacky" color for another time.

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  1. LOVE IT!--the pics, the elephant and reading your posts! Love you too, Hill!


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