Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Electric Blue-Benjamin Moore, Moore, Moore

I have been a fan of Sex and The City for YEARS...when I say years, I don't mean that I just started watching it when it came out on DVD...I mean when it was on HBO 30 minutes at a time (which killed be between episodes/seasons) over a decade ago.  This isn't something that should sound that outrageous except for the fact that I was watching this (ahem) probably a little sooner than most other young ladies.  I couldn't turn away, the fashions and the decorations were to beautiful.  I was completely enamored with New York City, who as we all know, is the 5th "lady".  It was more of a "learning" experience than it was wrongful exposure.

When I was in college, instead of paying a monthly cable bill I bought a season of the DVDS per month, until I had them all....AND then I got cable (ha).  When the DVDs first came out it seemed like they were oh so expensive.  I watched the episodes with as much attention as I had the very first time I saw them.....All the way from season 1.

I'd have to say that season 3 and season 6 pt. 2 are my favorites.  I have loved how the girls have evolved into NYC professionals and how their personal styles/homes have changed along with them.  That feeling has stayed true right through both movies as well.  As a die hard fan, and yes, I'm willing to say "die hard fan" in this instance....I have loved it all, even the scenes I can barely watch (like when Carrie smashes her wedding flowers on Mr. Big in Bryant Park).

I'm sad that now, after all these years, the series has more than likely come to a close.
Cynthia Nixon, Christ Noth, SJP....whoever....they will always be Samantha Jones, Mr. Big, and Carrie.
No matter what tv show it is, no matter how good they think they can act, that's who they will always be to thousands and thousands of "die hard" fans across the world.  And....that's A-Okay with me.

This bedroom was stunning! I thought that putting the tv in the secretary was a good could at least be hidden when they weren't watching it.  I thought it sounded like a good compromise for Big (who wanted the tv) and Carrie (who didn't want Big to watch the tv). 

LOVE this coffee table...and let me tell you....If I had that beautiful furniture, I'd sit by my husband on that couch anytime!
The black lampshades on the lamp next to the couch is amazing....where in the world might I find one of those delightful things? 

When SATC The Movie came out I had fabulous dreams about Carrie's apartment renovation. When I was in university, my first apartment in Lawrence was EXACTLY like this apartment.  The bedroom and living room were joined like this with the kitchen just off the living room.  I had windows all along the same side of the bedroom/living room that faced out.  I was on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building, just like the building that Carrie lived in.  It all seemed so cool!  
I didn't think that her apartment could be any better.  Again, as I said earlier one of the things that I loved about this series was that as the years went by, not only did the girls change so did their style.  I would have to say the same about me.  These few years later, as I look at Carrie's renovated apartment and as I saw it again (only for a few briefs scenes) in the new movie, I loved it more than I had remembered.  So much that I am on the prowl for a space in my own home to put a bit of Benjamin Moore's "electric blue" on the wall.  The color is oh-so fabulous!

As a side's my "Mr. Big" on Carrie's front steps on Perry St. in NYC (even though the apartment was supposed to be on the upper east side) on a rainy evening in 2007.  We had just had dinner at Balthazar and walked over to Magnolia for dessert. 

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