Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring is in the air...but not in our backyard

Our back yard leaves a lot to be desired.  Currently we park in the back and walk in the door and that's about it.  For our anniversary last year we bought a BBQ which we love and have been using more and more as time permits.  Since our time in the back, we have started talking about what we should do with the space to make it more functional and less of a "parking lot".  Our backyard is seperated currently into two spaces.  It is half grass, and half concrete.  The concrete portion will remain for parking, there's just no way around that one.  The grass portion is what is up for debate.  As it would happen, I'm not particuarly interested in keeping the grass.  I would like to make the grass section disapear...hmmm perhaps I should start taking magic trick lessons?  Anyway...what we are considering is decking, stone, brick, or a combination of decking/stone, or decking/brick. We have consulted several professionals for quotes and design ideas but no conversation is better than a they say a photo is worth a thousand words! Or perhaps it is just me who says that.  Anyway, here are a few photos I like to help describe what I want in our back yard space.   Since we have about 300 sq ft to work with (not counting the landscaped portions) we have some options.   Here we go...this is what I like....

(photos: Canadian House and Home)

I like all of these for different reasons.  There are portions of all of these photos I like, whether it be the landscape, cushions, the stone/decking etcetera. What do you think?  With our new awning in mind what do my decorator friends think?


  1. girl, you KNOW i have thoughts ;)

    looks like you dig clean-lined couches, which i think would be cool mixed with some natural wood elements, maybe funky coffee/side tables made from stumps. black & white striped cushions would tie in with the awning, and throw pillows could bring in some fun color. i ADORE the structured trees along the back wall in the second-to-last picture and think that would be a fab accent as well. actually, i think overall that picture would be a great inspiration - add striped cushions, a funky wooden table, and a pina colada. for me.

  2. Thanks for the shout out!

    I'm not even to the decorating part yet, we are still trying to figure out what kind of structure/materials to use! I'm way better at putting the horse before the cart though and do like to think about what kind of furniture I would like to have in the long run. Don't you agree that helps you decide what you want to start with if you have the picture of what the end result will be?


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