Tuesday, May 4, 2010

good...but not great

I don't think I would characterize the the current job hunting situation as ideal, or in general as a good thing.  But if one is generalizing the situation...I guess I could come to the conclusion that things are good, but not great.  Of the 9 jobs that I have aggressively applied for, I have had interviews for 2 of them. Most of the jobs don't start for a while, and the application deadlines have not passed yet, which leaves me sitting and wondering what the future will hold.  All of this uncertainty to and the so defined gray areas are what makes things, again, not great.   
Today I "misplaced" my cell phone...and it would be my luck that not only is it on silent, but the vibrate is also turned off.  I went to a recital last evening and never turned it back on. Not only that...but I have not backed up the phone in nearly 2 weeks, thus leaving me with the feeling that a lot of valuable materials will be lost into the void along with many other things.
What was I thinking?  Hopefully at some point in my life the phone will reappear. Please keep all available appendages crossed until further notice.

Today I was catching up on a few facebook photo album posts and found 3 photos from a university friend of mine who now lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.  She is a divine soul who's name is Alicia Gian-Mačiulienė.  Posted on her honeymoon album were three photos that I found to be particularly inspiring on what seems to be a very gray day.  (Yes normally I love gray, but not in this sense.)  So, without further delay, I give you the three... 

So, thank you've brought a smile to my face, on a day when I really needed one!

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  1. Hello Miss Hilary -

    It was nice to take a walk around your neighborhood brought a smile to my face as well.

    xoxo Alicia


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