Monday, May 3, 2010

Beale Street Music Fest-Saturday night

Friday night at music fest turned into a 24 hours Tornado watch/warning.  Rains like like I have ever experienced...seriously.  This rain against the bluff was really frightening. Saturday the household got a few winks in just in time for the "same song 2nd verse, a little faster a little worse" to get started. 

Geoff came down and grilled 36 hotdogs, 16 hamburgers, 25 pieces of we didn't eat it all.  It was for the hoards of screaming music fest fans.  By the end of the night, they were nil. 

Within 2 hours the clouds had turned into a dismal shade of gray with black rolling clods in the midst. 
The storm Saturday night at Music Fest was really something else.  The storm didn't last long, there fortunately wasn't a tornado, but there was hail at 1.75"-2.50" and straight line winds coming off the bluff. Music Fest was canceled at approximately 9pm and all of Tom Lee Park was evacuated.  There were thousands of people there!  All of the kids made it back up to the house, with 40 of their closest friends! The garage was was practically like Noah's Ark.  
45 minutes later, the storm had past, the garage was emptied.   Time for cookies, then bed. 
Music Fest 2010 was lots of fun, but as they say..."All good things must come to an end." Thankfully rain did stop and Sunday proceeded in a delightful, HOT/MUGGY Memphis like manor. 

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