Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nothing much.

There's not much new around the Dow-Ward house.  All projects are on hold....I have not found a job (yet).  It's hard to sit in a house that causes me to be full of fabulous ideas when you can't actually act on them, such a bummer. Handsome doesn't know what to do with himself, besides sit and look flawless.  My he's a nice prop. 

School is coming to a close...this was a rough semester.  Fewwww! I'm sure glad it is almost over.  Christian Beliefs finals today, and Ministry Among At Risk Children project due tomorrow. Dr. Professor Geoffrey finished his class this evening and is now grading like a crazy man. 
Handsome has been every so helpful with the final projects and test prep this past week....he even attempted to do some typing himself.  What a helpful little friend he is. 

Tonight I was sitting in the front room following the conclusion of some piano lessons.  I attempted to start a new Bach piece myself, but ended up catching up on some of my favorite bloggers.  Here are a few photos I found on line that I find to be highly inspiring.  

As I was browsing this article and practically drooling over the closets, the common rooms and the flower arrangements...I felt a little furry paw at my child had to remind me something and for once it wasn't that he needed a snack....
Handsome was at my side to say, "Excuse me, mother...9 by Design is about to start" there it is, not only am I hooked, so is my kitty.  What can I say he's stylish.

( Kari and Kirby Schlegel's W -Dallas Victory Penthouse photos by: Manny Rodriguez)..with the exception of my photos of Handsome, they were taken on my iPhone.  (smile)

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  1. i totally failed to respond to your comment about the chairs - please excuse! i'd love to check them out. my budget is low and my indecisiveness is high, so we'll have to see ;)


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