Wednesday, October 2, 2013

#dwh2 : the blue bathroom

Before Tongta arrived in August we painted her room. It is Benjamin Moore electric blue. We love it. She loves it, everybody is happy. I highly recommend that color, it is very WOW.  In Tongta's rooms...Blue is the thing. Lots of blue, and in various shades of blue. Which is funny considering our house was in a movie called "50 shades of blue". Ha. hadn't thought of that before.

So now let's talk about Tongta's en suite bathroom. Her bathroom is the "blue bathroom". It has powder blue/light blue tile from the floor about 2/3 of the way up the wall. The tile is in really good shape. So no plans to take it out. The walls is painted the same color of blue the rest of the way up as is the ceiling. FORTUNATELY, all of the bathrooms in the house have tile all the way up to the ceiling. I am totally impressed that they did that when the house was built in 1960. That really helps curb the notion to take out the tile....did I already mention that the tile is in good shape (yes, yes!).

About 18 months ago I was at Seabrook paint store in Memphis and landed on a stack of black and white stripe wallpaper that was on major sale. The answer is "YES"... I bought all they had. At the time I knew I didn't have a spot for it but I knew there would be eventually. I actually even used it for a piece of furniture at our last house. I was so excited...I just had to use it for something!

That was fun! It really gave a different flare to this piece. 
I used a very small portion of the paper I bought. This was just a little practice.

NOW...back to the bathroom at #DWH2

Just as a reference here is some inspiration for the bathroom...

I originally found this picture on Google images but traced it back to this post.

I took this picture at the Kate Spade store in Memphis. 

I love their bathroom.  Their tile is a crisp white, but I think that it would still look cool with blue on the bottom. Adding in some additional shiny pieces such as a new faucet and other fixtures I think that will be a nice fresh start! I always go in there when I visit the store. I love to take a peak at that crisp white and dazzling shiny fixtures. The stripes sure are dandy.

Here is our blue bathroom as it is now. Styled up with some pink and gold. 
The ceilings are nice and tall so the stripes might be a nice touch. 
The counter is white marble, the sink is a nice shape so all of that is okay. 
I think a new faucet is in order. I've got a few in mind but nothing selected. 

 This bathroom has a really interesting layout, it's kind of an "L" shape. The bathtub is actually a separate portion. The bathroom and the toilet is on the other side of the wall with the pink towel (pictured above). You can also see the reflection of another door in the mirror...that's the space where the shower is. When you go through that door, you're in Tongta's room. So it's got variations of privacy. Nice option, eh?

Right now the striped wallpaper is in a bag in the bathroom, every day I get closer to calling somebody to have it applied.  However, after steaming wallpaper off 3 of the other bathrooms, it's an interesting thought to put up MORE wallpaper. Goodness, the dilemma.

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